Control & Communications

The control system is the mind of the pod. It controls all of the active systems and is responsible for the stable and safe flight of the pod. More than 30 sensors monitor the functions and the position in the tube. Based on these data, the system can react within microseconds, thus ensuring the highest safety standards in the transport system of the future. At present, more than 15 specialists are working on electronics, sensors, microcontrollers, communication and control systems. These include software developers from the fields of integration and application, electrical engineers and physicists. High demands are placed on the control system by the high-speed movement of the pod through the tube. To be able to work at such high speeds, the reaction times must be extremely fast. Among other things, the vacuum also presents challenges for the electronics. Some components cannot withstand low pressures, or produce too much heat which can not be removed by conduction in a vacuum. However, each of these problems can be solved by creative approaches, true to the motto of the control system team: "Hack a Pod!"

it team photo