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The Hyperloop will be a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative for travel with a smaller carbon footprint than a plane, a train or a car. Picture this: Instead of driving 8 hours from Hamburg to Munich in the car you could be taking the Hyperloop in a fraction of the time and additionally avoid the trouble of air travel.

We are driven by a passion to change the transportation sector permanently. For over a year, our team has been working hard, inventing, designing and testing our innovative concept for a Hyperloop Pod. As the runner-up, against all odds, we have been given the opportunity to prove our concept, as one of only 24 Teams worldwide who have been accepted in the second SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. Our biggest and most important goal is to make the fastest and reliable pod. Now and in the coming weeks, we are working even harder to build our HyperPod! Your support will get us to the competition!

If you want to be a part of creating this sustainable technology for the future, this is your chance.

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