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What is Hyperloop

The Hyperloop marks the 5th Generation of Transportation. It is a super-fast levitating vehicle traveling through a vacuum tube at speeds that are faster than a commercial airliner. Without air-drag, the pod avoids turbulences and adverse weather conditions, offering more comfort than a train. Imagine to travel from Munich to Hamburg in 40 minutes! -People or Freight, Convenient as a Train -Faster than an Airplane -Green & Comfortable

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The Competition

After Elon Musk released Hyperloop Alpha in 2013, SpaceX is running an open competition, geared towards university students, to design and build the fastest Hyperloop pod. To support this competition, SpaceX is constructing a test track adjacent to the Hawthorne, California headquarters. Teams will be able to test their human-scale pods during a competition weekend at the track in Summer 2017. HyperPodX will be racing against prototypes of universities from all around the world!
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The Team

Our team comprises 50 undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Oldenburg and the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer, disciplined in the arts of physics, engineering, computer science and economics.

The cultural diversity of the team as well as the application-oriented research of both universities allow us to work innovatively and up to date.

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The Pod

With simple beginnings, our design was inspired by the Peregrine falcon. This second concept is being tried, tested and simulated through multiple iterations. Throughout such trials, the XPod is being developed. Coming far from its humble beginnings, XPod still holds its Peregrine roots with its desire for immense speed. Employing electromagnetic levitation, stability, and braking systems, a lightweight structure and state of the art navigation systems, XPod is capable of contactless mobility with ultra-low friction.
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The Competition

University teams from around the world will compete with their prototype vehicles (so-called pods) at this year’s international “Hyperloop Pod Competition II”, announced by Californian space company SpaceX and Elon Musk, billionaire and CEO of Tesla. This summer, these levitating pods will be tested in real life, on a 1.2 km long test track designed by SpaceX in California, specifically for this purpose, and then the pods will be rated for their speed.
The teams have been tasked with developing the prototypes from the ground up. Therefore, the students have to create their own designs, as well as bring their pod designs to life in the form of a fully-functional half-size prototype.
The competition goal is to gather innovative, creative, and thought-provoking ideas in order to make the Hyperloop concept available to the public in the near future. The world can benefit greatly from students collaborating with companies such as SpaceX, Hyperloop One, Hyperloop Inc and Tesla - companies with very ambitious goals of revolutionizing space travel and mass-producing electric cars.

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Do you want to know more about the Pod, collaborate or partner with us? Are you an interested student at the University of Oldenburg or the University of Applied Sciences Emden-Leer with knowledge in computer sciences, computer simulations, control systems, and robotics/microrobotics? You are at the right place! Reach out to us and collaborate in an international team to make this project a reality: